The Red Pill (2016)

The most controversial documentary you will ever see! Few films genuinely have the capacity to re-align your world view and actually blow your mind. This is one of those. Probably the most controversial doc since Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, this film has opened up a can indeed a whole shipping crate of worms since its release in 2016.

Feminist Cassie Jaye looks into the men’s rights movement. That’s pretty much the very simple premise of the film. We follow her investigation. But the results turn out to be very very far from what she and what we the viewer expect. The journey is astonishing, challenging, really causing a cognitive dissonance of significant proportions for most viewers, including this one. The feeling of being truly challenged and fundamentally having to re-examine your preconceptions in real time is actually quite unsettling, hence the virulent storm of hate reactions against this movie. However most of that hatred is directed towards what people think it is going to be, not what it is.

The irony is that Cassie is as mild-mannered and delightful an investigative reporter as you could possibly wish for. There is nothing radical or controversial about her. Many wish to reject and impugn their idea of what the film is without actually seeing it and encourage others to do the same, in order to prevent people from watching the film for themselves and being informed, such is its incendiary power. For those who are open-minded though, I can only advise that if you want to see something truly thought-provoking and out of the box, take a look at this movie. It is not called the Red Pill for nothing. Strap in!

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