Truman (1995)

Before Gary Sinise’s turn as racist Alabama Governor George Wallace, he played a much grander figure, the unassuming but capable Missourian Harry S Truman.

Like many Presidents who succeeded to the White House unexpectedly, Truman was despised at first but came to be one of the most respected men to hold the position. Not many Presidents win a World War and give birth to the State of Israel. He was a regular guy in an extraordinary position, and that is what makes this biopic interesting.

It may not be hard-hitting political commentary but it is a great ride through the first half of the Twentieth Century, from early car ownership through to early TV ownership, from Woodrow Wilson to Truman’s great wrestle with the hawkish Douglas MacArthur and the beginning of the Cold War in Korea. It’s a perspective that we don’t often get to see, full of insights into major events, key moments and great figures of American history.

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