Trumped (2017)

The name of this doco alone makes it essential viewing for anyone interested in the 2016 US Presidential election. It was apparently hastily assembled in the wake of the shock result from footage captured for Showtime’s series ‘the Circus’. But the film, subtitled ‘inside the greatest political upset of all time’ is much more than an offshoot and will likely outlive the show that spawned it, because in shooting for the series the film-makers unwittingly captured the unfolding and unexpected events of a truly incredible period in US political history.

Largely ignored by many media outlets at the time because of its refusal to editorialise on the incendiary and wildly entertaining footage captured, it is quite simply the definitive screen statement on the momentous election, and great credit must be given to Showtime, a production company that seems to specialize in great political docos, for editing it together brilliantly and sharply to make a document that will truly last. The moment when Mark McKinnon is informed about the Comy letter is history unfolding right before your eyes.

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