W. (2008)

This movie is just a whole lot of fun. NOT something you’d expect from serial downer specialist Ollie Stone. But he does have a sense of humour after all, as demonstrated here in this light-hearted take-down of possibly America’s dumbest President. Josh Brolin is the hapless heir to the Bush political machine, who unexpectedly opts to discontinue his career in alcoholism and cocaine-abuse to follow the party line into the White House.

It feels like this should be viewed along with ‘Farenheit 9/11’ and a medley of the SNL sketches with Will Ferrell arguably nailing the 43rd President better than anyone else (bonus feature: Ferrell’s address to the Harvard Graduating Class of 2003). ‘W.’ is somewhere in between the two, it still throws the odd political punch but is mostly reasonably gentle satire.

Definitely worth watching, especially for the new generation who may not be familiar with George Dubbya’s ‘Bushisms’. The trouble with them is they don’t have a word for ‘entrepreneur’.

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