Recount (2008)

Hanging chads abound here in this lengthy but comprehensive play-by-play of the 2000 Presidential Election controversy. Disgraced A-lister Kevin Spacey stars as the man on the scene for the Al Gore campaign in Florida whose job it is to pull out all the stops to ensure every last vote is counted and if need be recounted, as it becomes clear that the entire election and indeed the future of the Western World ‘hangs’ on a few thousand votes in the Florida districts.

This is not the world’s greatest movie but the subject matter is so significant – arguably the biggest election controversy in US history – that all the details come into play and add to the drama as the contest swings back and forth and the lawsuits begin to fly. Laura Dern stars as Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, portrayed as having significantly influenced the outcome by her legal rulings, in the first of Jay Roach’s series of politics movies.

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