No Safe Spaces (2019)

About the timeliest doc that Americans could watch right now. After the ‘Summer of Hate’ that was May to October 2020, this film is about nothing less than the attempted totalitarian takeover of the United States. Don’t know what totalitarianism is? “Safe spaces” is it. The illegalisation, sanction and suppression of free thought and free expression by the manipulation of mob rule hysteria and mob violence.

Cancel Culture is the issue of the day and this movie opens up the world of US college campuses to a general audience. They have become a pretty strange place! It shines a light on what has been going on there recently, in particular the increasingly toxic radicalisation of America’s youth into an hysterical intolerance of anyone who is different. The battle for freedom of speech and a continued right to be heard for those with individual or challenging opinions is covered here and showcases both leading lights of the ‘conservative’ intelligentsia like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Petersen and Dennis Prager, who along with podcaster Adam Carolla is the host/subject of this doc, and their liberal counterparts who are now also finding themselves being censored and deplatformed by big tech for speaking out about injustice.

It is a formidable subject matter and taken on solidly by Prager who offers an impassioned plea for common sense, the marketplace of ideas and a continuation of freedom in the United States.

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