Weiner (2016)

Absolutely the most hilarious and entertaining politics doco ever! It’s almost beyond belief that this really happened. The bouncy and snappy editing doesn’t waste any time setting up the backstory for this riotous fly-on-the-wall presentation of the unfortunate Anthony Weiner’s unsuccessful 2013 New York mayoral election bid.

Basically, Weiner can’t stop sexting pics of his ‘weiner’ to random women, who proceed to publicise them, causing major problems for the charismatic politician’s otherwise unstoppable campaign. Further raising the stakes and adding fuel to the scandal, his wife is a major confidante of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and an important member of her inner circle. You just can’t make this stuff up!

The enjoyment of this entertaining documentary is somewhat marred by the sobering fact that Weiner’s self-destructive sex addiction was such that, after the film was released, it cost him not only the election but also his wife and a spell in jail.

Nevertheless, this remains an amazing film and a defining moment in political documentary history.

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