The Swamp (2020)

Government corruption! Whatever happened to that issue? Well, as could be expected, it has been tastefully and discreetly dropped. But it hasn’t gone anywhere. This beautiful documentary asks an extraordinary question: what if we look at ‘the swamp’ of Congressional corruption from a bipartizan, neutral perspective? Wow what an idea! Neutrality is incredibly rare in today’s polarised political climate, but this doc just about manages to achieve it.

The main focus is Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, as pro-Trump a Republican as you could find, but one who also has the amazing idea of working with other Representatives to drain the swamp, even if they are from a different party! Shocker! Much of the film covers his cross-party efforts with Democrat Ro Khanna and how the two of them fare going up against the entrenched interests on the Hill. The film also features other Representatives who similarly recognise that political corruption is not a party issue, it’s an American issue, and it requires everyone to get involved for it to be fixed.

The fun here is getting a peek into the cloistered world of the Capitol (the ‘Death Star’!) and the House of Representatives and seeing how these guys go about their daily activities of fund-raising, voting, pressing the flesh and taking calls from constituents. Fly-on-the-wall gold!

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