The Deep Rig (2021)

After being underwhelmed by Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2000 Mules’ it quickly became obvious that in fact there’s a ton of other films already made about the issue of electoral fraud in the 2020 US Presidential election. An amazing number in fact. But are any of them any good? Well, yes and no. Like most people in the world, you might think ‘I can’t be bothered to wade through these complicated allegations to see if they are anything more than that.’ Well, that’s where your friendly local politics movie review site comes in. Because this site has conducted an exhaustive survey of the available material on this issue so you don’t have to. And honestly, it wasn’t that much fun. But here is the summary anyway.

Dinesh D’Souza’s effort is polished but narrow in scope and seems rushed. Honorable mention goes to the indefatigable Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Proof’; a bit hysterical but with eye-popping information tabled, particularly his evidenced allegations tracing hacking intrusions overwhelmingly to Chinese servers. Seth Holehouse’s ‘The Plot to Steal America’ is a remarkable and effective political polemic, but too preachy and flag-waving by the end.

‘The Deep Rig’ is the one to watch. If you are interested in politics, documentaries and/or the USA and its history and future, you should probably check out this film at some point. Whatever side of the fence you are on, the big message here is that electoral fraud is a bipartisan issue which affects the wellbeing of the United States and its people in general.

This doco, produced by ‘the America Project’, whose personnel speak and offer their perspective throughout, argues persuasively that there are indeed extremely serious and ‘mission critical’ problems with the US electoral system, and with the 2020 election in particular. Is that legit? Don’t know. But I would encourage everybody to watch this for themselves and make up their own mind. Unfortunately it is still far from the perfect documentary on this subject and lacks focus at times, bringing up multiple facets of the voter fraud spectrum without nailing down the specifics of any one of them very satisfactorily. But it does make up for that with some incredible, high-level information conveyed by very intelligent people in great interviews.

One key element of the whole ‘electoral fraudscape’ is the question of the corruption of the Dominion voting machine system. But we have been here before: 2006’s excellent ‘Hacking Democracy’ already demonstrated clearly that for all practical purposes, the results of any election where electronic voting machines were used should be discounted as null and void as a matter of course, such is the real-world impossibility of rendering them secure against fraud. So exactly how long have US Presidential elections been corrupt? Have they ever been fair and accountable? Another issue is the lack of coverage of the many lawsuits that followed the election. What happened with those? None of the docs so far seem to be able to bring all these strands together into one accessible information package.

What can be said from ‘The Deep Rig’ is that a bunch of very smart and highly qualified people, from both political affiliations, testify here that there was serious voter fraud in the 2020 election, and that is worth paying attention to in some form. A heartfelt and palpable fear of the ‘soul of America’ being lost is also conveyed.

One cyber-security expert passionately expounds: ‘what if nobody stands up?…I know stuff and I can do something about it…And by golly, I’m not going to let our country be lost on my watch.’ ‘When you’re on the side that says the other side doesn’t get to have a side, you’re on the fascist side’ says Patrick M. Byrne of the America Project. Are they right? Is Democracy itself is on the line?

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