Supreme Revenge (2020)

PBS initially screened ‘Supreme Revenge’ on 21 May 2019 to cover the Brett Kavanaugh media debacle, but updated it the following year (as Frontline S39E07) to add in the subsequent Amy Coney Barrett appointment as well.

So this is a pretty comprehensive and robust treatment of the recent Supreme Court saga from Bork in the late eighties to the present day. It’s one huge soap opera, and PBS has all the juicy footage. The focus is on Mitch McConnell, the extreme Washington insider whose ‘life’s work’, this documentary asserts, was to reverse the liberal majority in the Supreme Court that had stood for decades, presented here as the long-awaited ‘revenge’ of the title, for the unfair treatment Bork had received at the hands of his Senate Confirmation Committee.

The overwhelming highlight is watching the formidable Clarence Thomas going in to bat and opening up a can of whupass on his accusers, putting them to flight and winning his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

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