Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Stanley Kubrick’s homage to David Lynch has Tom Cruise’s preppy New York doctor stumbling upon an illuminati sex party and coming up against a wall of silence when he begins enquiring about it. Kubrick’s final film is as multi-layered and intense a piece of cinema as you could wish for, a typically immaculate and tightly-wound presentation of the terrifying nature of normality.

When Kubrick (the greatest ever movie director) left his final cinematic statement to the world it was met by critics with confusion that turned to indifference. On the surface it is an obscure, surreal fantasy that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But since Bill Burr publicly accused Hillary Clinton of attending ‘Eyes Wide Shut parties’, the world has taken another look at this enigmatic work. Needless to say Kubrick was way ahead of his time, and with the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein ‘QAnon’ phenomenon, this movie becomes more relevant to the world we live in with every passing minute. Of course Hillary attends Eyes Wide Shut parties, and so do a lot of other people!

Kubrick expended his last efforts in this world focusing on that group (with whom he clearly had some experience) whose power derives not simply from their having more money than anyone else, but from their ‘owning’ money itself.

And, unlikely as it may seem, despite its x-rated nudity and perverse themes, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is also a statement of monogamy. It presents a Garden of Eden in which both sexes resist the temptation that assails them, and argues that couples should ignore those nagging jealousies and tantalising rabbit-holes because what they offer is meaningless and a husband and wife already have something worth infinitely more.

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